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Privacy Policy SIMSAR


Simsar is responsible for the collection of personal information and details of an individual legally according to the law and legal policies in the Middle East.


When you visit our website your Internet Protocol (IP) address, browser, operating system, and internet service provider has been tracked by us, this information may include non-personal data. Instead when you perform any activity on different advertisements like a comment on a post then your name, email address, contact number, etc. and when you register at our website you have an option to provide us your credit card details, city, country, and zip code. All of the above personal information will be safe in the database of the Simsar. Once you will post an advertisement then your contact details will be visible to the viewers for further contact. This contact is other than the contact our team will do that is an auto-generated email. Your this personal information may use by us for sending you updates about our new offers, promotions, schemes, etc. 


We use cookies to manage our user's activities. We cannot control any third-party activity so we cannot access third-party. Via cookies, we collect your browsing history, date, time, and user name. This privacy policy covers the cookies used by Simsar only. You have a choice to accept or decline the cookies when a pop-up bar appears on your computer screen either you are a registered user or non-registered user. However, your declining may limit your access to certain features of the website.


Simsar allows third-parties to improve our sales and purchase. Therefore, our users are allowed to avail of the facilities and services providing by these parties. While during the performance of all of these activities, Simsar will monitor every step taken by the user for the safety of the website. However, we are not responsible for your personal information and details used by these third-parties by any means.


Simsar will use your provided information in the form of monitoring your activities over the website, for providing you customer servicing, guiding you for your queries, and technical issues faced by the user. Although some of your personal information can also be accessible to the third-party.

We respect your provided personal information safety. Therefore we use SSL technology for your data protection. This technology also helps in protecting your online payments by not accessing directly without your consent before proceeding to the next step.


Simsar has complete legal rights to change or update any policy as per the need. We will notify you from time to time. Therefore, you need to keep an eye on our updated emails for your future assistance. 


Your personal information may disclose as per the law only when you disobey any rule or navigate from the mentioned policies and terms and conditions.

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