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Terms Of Use SIMSAR


Simsar is a Kuwait based online classified website. It provides multiple services using its incredible features. Here on this platform, people can post advertisements and avail other online services and resources. 


To use this website, there are certain terms and policies maintained to acquire the safety of the website. Everyone who is using this website and its services in any manner or for any purpose is supposed to agree to all the terms and conditions. Whatsoever, includes browsing the website, posting an advertisement, add a comment, or responding to any advertisement by any means using this website. Whatever the services you are using you confirm that you are following the terms and conditions that are allowed to change, edit, or delete at any certain point as per the requirement and need of the agency. You will be notified about every change that happened by the team if you are registered else visit the terms and condition page and update your relative knowledge. If you feel like you do not agree at some level or cannot accept any point for using this website, you are allowed to discontinue the use of this website at any time. 


Simsar is a current world’s technology-based website that provides online services of posting classified advertisements, buying, or selling different products. Furthermore, it also has options for using its multiple online services that you can explore over the website. One of those interesting services is the online payment service. You can pay for any purchase online using different payment methods and also receive your payment for your sold product. However, simsar is nowhere, involved in such transactions and has no third-party links. Therefore, there is no liability lies over Simsar for any kind of loss. Kindly avail this facility at your own risk.


Simsar is not responsible for any type of communication issues. Whatever, the contact information you provided, you are liable to face any kind of misuse or mishap. If someone is sending you inappropriate or indecent messages, emails, or doing calls, simsar has no acceptance for such kind of problems. However, your advertisements, product details, comments, and other online in-response activity on any post are must be according to the terms and conditions of the simsar. Hence at any stage, your content found to be inappropriate or found that you violated any policy then you have to pay the penalty for such actions and misleading the policy standards.  


You have to accept the responsibility of posting your advertisement at your own risk if you are connecting or linking to any third-party website. Your uploaded content, videos, or photos will be saved in the simsar database and then become the property of simsar. 


Simsar does not allow any infringes activities. Therefore, it has complete authority to delete or remove your content without any notification. It depends upon the level of mistake you made and in that accordance, you may terminate from the registered account of the website without any warning.


In addition to this, your content must not be copyright. Moreover, it should not be abusive, harassment, unlawful, threatening, defamatory, etc. Your content must not affect negatively anybody specifically, directly, or individually to anyone. It also not includes anyone else’s personal information or details.


Don’t provide irrelevant or misleading contact information i.e. phone number, email id, or any other contact medium that may harm other users, sellers, or buyers by any means. 

Commercial services or any third-party advertisement must be according to the allowed circumstances that are mentioned in the terms and conditions.

When you are a member of this website you are not allowed to use anybody’s contact number to harass them or to stalk them by calling and sending advertising and promotional messages now and then. This type of disturbance is not acceptable.


Avoid posting nasty or discouraging comments to anybody’s post.

You must ensure that you are an adult and not under 18 years of age, only then you are allowed to post an advertisement and you must acknowledge that you are registered and responsible for posting any advertisement for yourself or on behalf of any other person or company.


Children under the age of 13 are not allowed to access this website. They must use the website under the supervision and guidance of their parents or guardian. 


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